Our Difference

Environmental DNA is improving traditional methods of environmental assessment and monitoring, using DNA sequencing to assess, monitor and characterize the ocean, minimizing the risks of disturbing environmental habitats. 

Our DNA studies and monitoring programs have proven to be more accessible, always reliable and less expensive than traditional methods. 

Massive sample sets are feasible, which yield comprehensive biological data. This enables us to identify all organisms living in or near water without seeing or disturbing them.

Provides more data at higher resolution, increased accuracy, and high reproducibility

Reduce CO2 footprint: Reduce time and fuel for sample collection missions with a safer, simplified sampling process.

Non-invasive sampling of water, soil, or sediment reveals total biodiversity

Life of field solution

Significant cost savings, providing faster and richer environmental insights

DNA samples can be kept frozen indefinitely, allowing re-analysis in the future. eDNAtec provides long-term sample storage as a service.

Traditional Assessment Methods

  • Catch and look” method limits sampling to a handful of organisms, which yields an incomplete picture of biodiversity.
  • Organisms must be seen, heard or captured.
  • Dated method and relatively inaccurate
  • Labour intensive with inherent safety risks
  • Organisms are manually captured, sorted and individually identified
  • Do not adequately capture changes over short time periods
  • Costly methodology and management
  • Captured organisms are typically discarded after analysis